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Google Chrome’s One Missing Piece…


When you ask your colleague or a friend what browser he or she uses, there is a 62% likelihood that the answer is Google Chrome. Just recall back, what was the first think YOU did, after installing an operating system on your computer? Was it opening an Internet Explorer and downloading Google Chrome?

According to the StatCounter, current browser market share of Google Chrome (as of March 2019) is 62.4%. And still growing! This includes desktops, mobiles, tablets and consoles.

Let’s take a quick look at the main pros and cons of Google Chrome:


  • Lightning fast performance
  • Extended functionality with add-ons (extensions)


  • Consumes lot of memory (RAM) when running
  • Inflexible interface compared to for example Firefox

How can you benefit from this growing trend?

Whether you are a developer or you are just curious, there is a way you can take an advantage of it. Google Chrome allows developers to extend and enhance the browser functionality by creating extensions. Extensions are small programs written in a JavaScript and published on the Chrome Store. Functionality ranges from blocking advertisements on a page, changing websites to dark mode, storing passwords, to changing your new tab background to a cute puppy. There is a place for YOUR idea which can reach and help huge amount of people.

Whether you are a type of a person who likes to dive right in, going through documentation, or just watch videos and learn the core fundamentals, the world waits for your idea!


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